What we offer and require from our employees:

Pete King offers a competitive and fair wage/insurance/benefits package in the non-union construction sector.

All employees are offered health insurance and the company pays a substantial portion of their cost if they choose to enroll after they are eligible. Pete King is in compliance with all federal and state regulations relating to documentation for hiring.

All employees are required to complete an I-9 at time of hire and Pete King participates in the federal E-Verify program to ensure compliance with the law.   Finally, all employees are required to participate in safety training at the time of their employment and weekly training on the job site.

Pete King has a comprehensive written safety program which is provided to all employees. Pete King has full time Safety Directors responsible for inspecting job sites to verify employee compliance with OSHA, federal and state regulations, as well as making sure our company safety policies and procedures are being followed.

"We have found Pete King to be consistently competitive and reliable. No nickel and diming, no whining, just good quality work job after job. I highly recommend them."

— Robert Potter, President Affordable Concepts General Contractor

Greatest evidence that we take safety seriously:


Keeping our people safe is our biggest priority and we have a .62 EMR to prove it!

We take pride in our safety record and work hard at every level to foster a safety culture in all that we do.


Our people are family, and we believe it is both our duty and our privilege to keep them safe. It is the policy of Pete King Corp that the first consideration in the performance of work will be the safety of employees. All reasonable methods, procedures and equipment necessary to achieve this will be used. The Nevada and Utah offices both employ full-time Safety Directors who are OSHA Outreach Trainers and are Certified to teach 10 hour and 30 hour courses and are updated on current Safety regulations. They are responsible for inspecting job sites to verify employee compliance with OSHA, State and jobsite regulations. They also insure company policies and procedures are being followed.


All of our new employees are provided thorough Safety training.  This includes hands-on Aerial lift training, forklift training and videos in both English and Spanish on the topics of our trades and all OSHA requirements. We have a comprehensive Safety program which is available to all of our people, and we are dedicated to providing the necessary education and training to our employees so they can be “accident-free” at the end of each day.

"Their safety program and quality of their work is second to none in Las Vegas. Given their size and quality workforce, Pete King can handle projects that other open shop contractors simply cannot. We look forward to a long and prosperous relationship with Pete King."

— Jeff Northrup, Senior Vice President SR Construction

Amazing people make up our family, our people are our legacy!

We consider our employees to be a valuable asset that we appreciate and want to protect as much as you would your own family members. We offer employees competitive pay, training, advancement opportunities, and medical and dental insurance.

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